My grandma, I called her nanny, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1999. She was living in North Carolina at the time. All the family was here in Florida so she moved here for support and to be with us. Her and her husband moved in with my great-grandparents so that she could care for them. She started Chemo right away. It took all her strength away. She couldn't eat either, but she kept taking care of everyone. She was so strong. She was my best friend in the world. She lost all of her hair a few months after the chemo began. That hurt her inside. Her hair was her pride and joy. We got her wigs but she liked wearing the bandanas instead. Having cancer brought her very close with God. Her being close with Him made me curious, which in turn made me close with Him. After about a year of having cancer, her hair started coming back and everyone was so happy! She was feeling better! That year my great grandmother passed away. That took a toll on my nanny. It made her skip chemo twice in a row. When she did go back to chemo I went with her. It was so depressing in there. She had to drive herself to and from because I was too young. Three years went by without any horrible news then we got it. Like a smack in the face the cancer was no longer being contained by the chemo and radiation. It spread to her right kidney. It was gone. After that, she had trouble doing personal business. The next two years wer kinda a blur... she went downhill fast from there. She always kept fighting though. Never in my life have I seen pain in someone's eyes like I saw in hers. The cancer was taking my only nanny from me. The cancer eventually took her other kidney and she had to have a bag to go to the bathroom in. She could no longer eat solid foods and was on 80MG Oxycontin and liquid Morphene. That made her sicker. She had to have some sort of Morphene box put in her to help control the pain.... it didn't help very much. One day I was so excited! Her kidney miraculously started working agian! I thought that the cancer went away and I'd get to keep my nanny... nope. I was wrong. She was put into a drug induced coma because the paing was so severe. The cancer spread to most of her major organs... except her heart and lungs. It got to where the family could no longer care for her properly so she went to Hospice. The staff if great there, very friendly. Everyone visite her on her first day there. We prayed and prayed. I asked her for forgiveness for all the things that I said to her when I was mad. She heard me I think. On the second day, everyone was there... except me. I was at home sleeping. I woke up exactly at 8:02pm, I remember looking at my alarm clock. At 8:03pm my mom called and told me that nanny had passed away at 8:02pm. My nanny woke me up to say goodbye. I love her so much. 

"Whenever I miss you, I close my eyes and I am with you. Nanny, my eyes are always closed. I love you."

Love Always and Forever,

Your Grandaughter, Amber

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